Stress 6

Stress 6

Stress is an every day occurrence. It may seem at times that there's nothing you can do about your stress level.

There is always going to be some type of stress in your life. The best way to handle it is taking charge. Take charge of your schedule, emotions, environment and the way you handle your problems. This is easier said then done.

First identify the source. This isn't always easy. Sometimes your not sure what the stressor is. Try to break it down and see what you come up with. Sometimes when your done the stressor you thought was stressful wasn't as stressful as you think.

Take responsibility for the stressor. Don't blame others for how you feel or how you handle the situation. This is all on you.

Take a step back and see how do you handle your stressors. Some smoke, drink, over eat or under eat, drugs, sleep too much or take your stress out of others. These may relieve some of your stress temporarily but in the long run it could cause more damage and create more stress.

I have done more than one of the above to reduce my stress and it really didn't help me in the end. What ever your situation is: Single parent, death of a loved one, married with children, financial instability, having the perfect husband, children or job can be stressors also. Can you imagine trying to keep it together all the time that is a hugh stressor in itself.

This is how I try to handle stress. And I say try because sometimes it just doesn't seem to work. I will exercise it out. (This happens the least). I will try to dissect it and see if it really is as huge as I think it to be. (This helps because sometimes I get caught in the moment and it really isn't as bad as I made it out to be.) Recently I have started to meditate and this seems to help me out the most. I give myself some me time, which is a big bonus, and time to reflect and just try to let it go. I have been working on this for the past few months and it seems to...

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