Stress Management During Exam Time

Stress Management During Exam Time


Exam stress is a major part of a students experience in any educational institution. In today’s time, the competition to become the best of the best is increasing to new heights. We see students scoring 98% in their 12th Boards and still are unable to get into the top-notch colleges. One may then ask what exactly exam stress means to a student. Exam stress is a feeling of anxiety that a student goes through; this feeling is a culmination of the pressure from parents and teachers to perform well, the competition among friends, and the result.

Many students have the overbearing feeling to score above 70% in their board examinations and if they fail to do so they fear they may be called failures by the society. It is better to accept that almost all exams are going to be accompanied by stress. We can make sure that it does not take control of our life. There are many ways to manage this stress.

Students should deal with exams in an optimistic attitude. They should not have unrealistic expectations from themselves, as it will only lead to unnecessary stress. Planning beforehand is the best way to go about exams. From the onset of the classes students should make an effort to keep up with the assignments and the reading. This will help them to avoid the hassle of trying to learn everything one week before the exams, as they will already have previous knowledge of the course.
Spending 3-4 hours every weekend in catching up with the syllabus becomes worthwhile during exams.

It is known that students have a habit of pulling an all nighter cramming for their exam. This is not the best way to deal with exams. Students should plan their study schedule in such a way that they get at least 6-8 hours sleep before the exam. When the mind and the body is fully rested, there is less stress and more chances for the students to perform at their best. Also, having a well nutritious balanced diet is proven to be helpful.


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