Stress: One of the Huge Health Problem

Stress: One of the Huge Health Problem

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This paper has been written to highlight one of huge health problems in this century, which is stress. Stress is a serious problem and it becomes very important to balance the amount of stress and find some useful strategies that should reduce or overcome the stress. The objectives of this report are to identify the definition of stress, causes and give some practical solutions to reduce the spreading of stress in our life.

Stress is the human reaction to events in the environment. It is simply unpleasant feeling experienced by individuals due to anxiety and certain other concerns. It occurs when the pressure on the individual exceeds that individual's ability to handle. Any change in our lives can be stressful even some of the happiest ones or positive events such as having a baby, taking a new job or getting married or moving to new house or school. Stress can make us feel ill and many people suffer headaches, stomach problems when under stress. It should be understood that stress is very usual among people, but it is important to show reasonable response and find ways that could slow it down.

Stress is a problem that might face the people today, causing a heavy toll both in terms of financial cost and human suffering. In addition, the specific signs symptoms of stress vary widely from person to person. Some people primarily experience physical symptoms and in others the stress pattern centers on emotional symptoms, and for still others, changes in the way they think.

Therefore, it must take an action as the research has shown that stress can lead to ill health and accordingly seriously affect the quality of life of everyone.

To get handle on stress, first need to learn how to recognize it in yourself. The secret of managing stress is to look after you and, to remove some of the causes of stress. If you start to feel things are getting on top of you, give yourself some breathing space. Also, use some useful tips to manage the...

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