Stress Tested for Performance

Stress Tested for Performance

Stress-tested for performance

We face stress almost every day in our lives. It makes us productive but can seriously put our health at risk. I believe its society fault, trying to change people on how they look and how they act. Being the best can be harmful if we consider that stress can change someone’s character, lead to bad habits and to physical and mental health problems.

It’s ok to make a mistake. People seem to forget about this since everything they do is graded and criticized. For example, school examinations and jobs have to be done at their best or they’ll be negative consequences for an individual. In college, we have stress because we want to be the best and have the job we want later. After college, we have stress because we want to be the best in our job to maybe get a promotion. We are never satisfied and we want to look good, with a lot of money, a fantastic job and a beautiful family. Missing that is almost considered like a failure; it’s society fault. With a higher stress level, we get more nervous, depressed, irritated and we lose our friends, our job and everything we worked so hard for. Eventually, we can’t stop living without stress and we experiment heart diseases, obesity, anxiety, ulcers, diabetes, insomnia, antidepressant and drug use, hair loss...The list is obviously long.

Stress is certainly helping a lot of people with their work. As an example, when I am short in time or I have pressure on me to study or do homework, I feel the stress taking possession of me. But in this case, I like the stress and it has a positive effect on me because it helps me to memorize, understand or accomplish whatever I'm doing faster than I would have done it usually. But we don’t want stress to be there when we don’t need it. We have to get our lives in good control and eliminate all the unnecessary stress.

The more things we do, the less time we have to relax. People with a higher stress level are the ones who have...

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