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Northeastern University
D’Amore-McKim School of Business

Strategy in Action
STRT 4501*
Section 01: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 8:00-9:40 am
Section 02: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 9:50-11:30 am

Summer 2 2016

Professor Joseph Raynus;
Office Hours: by appointment

Course Overview

As a capstone course, Strategy in Action focuses on the “big picture”. Whereas other courses typically present the view of a specific function (e.g., marketing, finance), this course presents a general management perspective. This approach involves integrating and in several instances expanding the knowledge acquired in finance, accounting, operations, MIS, organizational behavior, marketing, statistics and economics courses to provide a strategic understanding of the nature of businesses. The method of the class is practical and problem oriented. The major part of the course will involve applying concepts, analytical frameworks, and rational thought to the strategic issues that companies face. Issues are presented in case studies and in a semester-long team project.

Learning Objectives

Students should develop a broad understanding of the importance and complexity of strategic decisions. On successful completion of this capstone course, you should be able to:
Demonstrate increased understanding of the role that corporate social responsibility, sustainability, emerging markets, and nonprofit organizations play in 21st century organizational strategy and in our complex world society.
Appreciate the role played by every employee in contributing toward achievement of the organization’s strategic objectives.
Describe the key concepts of strategic management, including industry analysis, company analysis, competitive strategy, corporate strategy, and implementation.
Use these concepts, together with concepts from functionally specialized courses, to analyze and solve problems faced by managers....