Structural and Functional Parts of Automobiles and Metal Frames

Structural and Functional Parts of Automobiles and Metal Frames

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For many years my business related specifically to the structural and functional parts of automobiles, welding and replacing rotted and rusted frames, floors, trunks, etc., as well as restoration of older and classic collectible cars. The main part of my business dealt with the welding and fabrication of replacement panels and framework to repair the rotted and rusted parts. Anyone who has ever been rejected for a Massachusetts inspection sticker because of a rotted floor or trunk in their car would have been a candidate for my services, and, there were alot of candidates. In the late 1980's and early 1990's I began to experience a severe drop-off in repairs, due primarily to the availability of a relaxing of the lending industry, car loans were extremely easy to get. But the main problem I faced was that people had the opportunity to buy, for example, a new car, such as a Hyundai, for just a few thousand dollars. What with the economy booming and the availability of what I call "throw-away" cars, people were not holding onto the rotted and rusted out vehicles and opted not to spend hundreds, if not sometimes thousands of dollars to repair them. So, simply put, my business began to suffer.

With all of the equipment and facilities available to me, I decided to remain in the vehicle repair business, but, pursue a different course, one with which I could utilize my existing resources to their fullest advantage. After a couple of months of considering many different alternatives, I decided to change the main objective of my business, still offering what I had in the past, but now I decided to specialize in exhaust replacement and repair of vehicles. I offered standard replacement of customers' exhaust systems, but also offered customized systems for off-road vehicles, dual-exhaust conversions, and other work which all of the other major shops (Meineke and Midas) refused to do.

I purchased the required equipment for me to do the work, and I also...

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