Structure of Business Plan

Structure of Business Plan

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Structure of Business Plan

Executive Summary
Brief outline of the project

1. Location (existing activities & proposed project)
2. Product / Services (existing activities & proposed project)
3. Technology areas
4. Target / Potential market
Promoters / management team (with track record & existing activities)
Existing business indicating legal status, nature of business, ownership pattern etc.
Present Proposal (categorized as expansion / market development / new product commercialization / enhancement of existing product / Capital investment / Working capital infusion etc.) in detail.
Total Requirement of Funds

Means of Finance indicating the sources, viz.,

1. Promoters
2. Venture Capital
3. Others
SSI Status

Proposal regarding exit & indications on return on investment by VC

Back Ground
A. (Existing company / business)
Detailed write-up on the existing business:

1. Evolution of business since incorporation / formation
2. Industry profile
3. Company's current position vis-à-vis the market
4. Expertise & skill levels
5. Financial performance and position (over last 3 years)
Detailed write-up on promoters and management:

1. Experience of promoter and key management giving academic background, professional track record, special accomplishments etc.
2. Organizational structure indicating roles and responsibilities
Details of skill, set of key employees (total employee strength, qualification, experience and attrition rate over past three years)
Details of funding i.e. source and use of funds (over last 3 years)
Shareholding pattern

SWOT Analysis

Core competencies (i.e. skills / strength contributing to sustainable competitive advantage)
Entry barriers

Business interests of the group

References (Professional and Business associates)

B. (Start-up Company)
Detailed write-up on the promoters:

1. Experience in...

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