Mirshad (8-10 mnts)
1. Greeting and intro about the members
2. intro about the case + “before the case analysis we want to explain the theories we have used and related to the case”
3. slide 4 to 8 – explain theories
4. slides 10 and 11 – extreme job definition and summarize the case

Theekshana (2.5mnt)
5. slide 13 – explain macro factors comparing the situ 2/3 decades back and now. Say the case infact mentions these too.
6. slide 14 – explain how macro factors in turn influence individual factors

Thusyanthi (2.5 mnts)
7. slide 16 – explain extreme jobbers value the many benefits extreme jobs give them (so benefits outweigh challenges/pressures)
Apply demands resources theory (if equipped with adequate resources the employee can face up any challenges)
8. slide 17 – Tell, the case and survey provide evidence that no. 1 reason is not pay, but other factors such as…….. as shown in the chart
9. Slide 18 – Explain, also such benefits make these jobs more addictive and these comments are infact the testimonies from the case and survey

Medha (2.5mnts)
10. Slide 20 – explain the benefits of extreme jobs to both companies and employees
Then question “so if both are happy what is the real issue here?”
Then explain, the slide and refer to the U shaped performance-stress relationship
11. Slide 21 - explain these are infact the testimonies from the case and survey
12. Slide 22 – explain, companies should step into ensure proper work-life balance
Explain they can use stress model to identify stress sources and consequences
Explain organizational and individual approaches (I got this from iran and will add this to this slide)

(Iran 2.5mnts)
13. Slide 24 – Explain the macro and micro factors which are discussed above will influence our choice. We are already seeing signs of such influence with many companies providing such job opportunities. Given this context our choice will depend on the challenge-hindrance stress factors (I will add this)...

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