Student Alcohol Abuse

Student Alcohol Abuse

Harihar Nepal/ ENGRW101

Folsom Lake College/ Date: 02/10/09
Student Alcohol Abuse

Student alcohol abuse has become a challenging issue in this 21st century. Yet, most of

the students even do not know about alcohol in general and what exactly it does to their bodies. Furthermore, Student alcohol abuse is the most serious problem affecting their life, health and education.

The greatest number of student fatalities reported are alcohol related. Alcohol abuse

contributes to the tragic deaths of students in numerous ways. One independent

organization claims that more than half of the 41,075 auto traffic fatalities each year are alcohol

related and that more than half of these are student involved. Besides auto traffic fatalities,

there are lots of other reasons how alcohol abuse can kill students. For example, Elizabeth

McGowan, a senior student at the University of Virginia, had a blood-alcohol level of .25 when

she died when a fire ripped through her off-campus apartment. She died of smoke inhalation

after a smoke bomb, which had been tossed into her apartment by two friends as a joke earlier in

the evening, moldered and finally caught fire after the party had ended and she had fallen asleep.

Regular alcohol consumption leads to impaired health conditions of students. It doesn’t matter

whether you take it in cocktails, beer, wine, cider or vodka, it is the alcohol that counts. Alcohol

affects all kinds of cells in our body, causing changes in some and stopping others from working

properly. As with most poisons, the more we take, the worse the effects become. One of the most

affectrd part of our body by alcohol poisoning is the liver. Alcohol exhausts the liver’s ability

and can damage it permanently. Furthermore, after smoking, drinking alcohol is the second

biggest risk factor for cancers of the mouth and throat. Again, there is a link between drinking

too much alcohol and mental health...

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