1. My favorite course throughout high school has always been math, specifically Algebra and Algebra II with Trigonometry. They are my favorite courses because they pose a challenge and allow me to learn from my mistakes. No matter what level the course is, there are difficulties, whether it is determining which formula to use or even coming to a simple solution. With those challenges, you have to work and think critically to achieve an answer. It is not simply memorizing and reciting. Although I may not get every answer correct, having the chance to work the muscles of my mind is what keeps me engaged in the curriculum. In addition when my answer is incorrect, I revise my work to find where I made a mistake and try my best to correct it. These challenges allow me to think critically therefore providing a great window to apply these skills to other classes.

2. The best compliment I have ever received was honest and two sided. One day I was fighting with my father, being disrespectful and out of line, for no reason other than but middle school angst. In the midst of the hurricane he stopped yelling for a moment, looked me in straight in the eye and said, “You’re smart kid, but you let it get to your head.” Although this is not the traditional compliment, it resonated with me. The nature of this compliment and the fact that it was my father who made the comment really helped me see the importance of it. I realized no matter how intelligent, wealthy, or powerful a person is, if their ego outgrows them, they will not benefit from that intelligence, wealth, or power at all, but it may deter you from reaching even higher levels of success.

3. My biggest accomplishment is having attended the Stanford and Harvard University summer programs. Being able to participate in these programs involved a great deal of hard work and dedication however was worth it in the end. These programs, specifically Harvard, provided me with amazing...

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