Student Seccess Center

Student Seccess Center

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I have taken tutoring at the "Student Success Center" which helped me a lot in Chemistry. I think this is a great program for those students who would like to improve their grades in class. When taking the tutoring here, I do well on the quizzes and tests. To join this program, I had fill out a form that they gave me and answered some simple questions about my level in class. At the beginning, I got a C in the chemistry class and I was so worried about this grade. However, after some tutors helped me to understand the lecture clearly, I got a B+ in this class. In addition, at the end of that semester, I did great and got an A- in my Chemistry class.

This program provided help in any subject and at any time because they have "drop-in" schedules for me to use. The schedule was very flexible because I could go over to the center in the morning or the evening. They always had people to help me. The tutors who are working here are retired teachers or students who will become teachers.

Although the program promised that they would help me with their best, they didn’t help me do my homework; I had to do it by myself. I think this is a good point because if I could not do the homework by myself, how could I do well on the quizzes, midterms, and finals. The tutors help go over parts of the lecture that I didn’t understand. Also, they gave me advice how to improve my grades in my class. They tell me that I should spend more time to do and redo my homework. The more times I redo my homework, the better grades I will have. Also, they advise me to read the textbook carefully before doing the lab. I did do what they recommended and I got almost all As on the tests.

After the class, I was so happy and told this story to my best friends, and recommended them to join this program. Some of my friends now are really satisfied with this program. Most of them say that they would come to the Student Success Center again and...

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