Student Survival Guide - 15

Student Survival Guide - 15

Taking college classes is a big deal. It is a decision not to be taken lightly and like any new experience, will be a little uncomfortable. It is a little like buying a new car, or going on a nature hike in a foreign place. Knowing nothing whatsoever about cars or about the environment around them in one of those situations would leave one feeling overwhelmed and probably pretty confused. This leads to the facts that cars come with vehicle manuals, and nature trails come with trail guides and maps. That being said, I am writing a survival guide not for navigating the great outdoors or the inner city streets, but for cruising through our college classes with a bit less stress. I recently took a class that taught me skills for learning in our current information-packed age. I will use the skills that I learned in that class to benefit me in all of my classes to come. Through writing the details of what I learned in this student survival guide, I will not only be able to remember these things and look back on them when I need them, but I also hope other students will find this information helpful as well.

Using Axia’s Educational Resources

In any classroom setting, the most educational resources that can be found are in our texts, libraries, and Internet. My personal action plan for these resources is to use one or more of them for every assignment I encounter.

The textbooks in most classes will have the most information relevant to the class we are taking. Some online classes, such as the ones Axia offers, provide online texts such as appendixes and chapter readings. They also provide technological tools like copies of the appendixes in audio form, digital stories, and interactive tutorials. These options give information in a form other than strictly reading, which is a nice change from the rest of the written material in a distance-learning environment. The audio files can be downloaded to a computer or mp3 player to listen to at any time during the...

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