Student Survival Guide - Using Educational Resources

Student Survival Guide - Using Educational Resources

Student Survival Guide
• Using Educational Resources

Using Educational Resources is a key part in being successful in online courses. I will always keep them in mind and use them quite often when I do my work. One feature I enjoy is the center for writing excellence because it will let me know all the mistakes that I make in my writing. If I apply the corrections in my future writings it will help me to become a better writer. The University Library is also very helpful when you need to do research on a specific topic. My personal action plan for using Educational Recourses is to apply them when needed and always submit my work through The Center for Writing Excellence.

• Upholding Academic Honesty
I have learned that there is a way to check your work to make sure it is not plagiarized. I use this feature almost every time I write a paper just for my own assurance that is not similar to anybody else’s. No matter what is going on in life, or how far a person might get behind there is no reason to put your name on someone else’s work. Upholding academic honesty is very important because when you do your own work it ensures that you will get something out of it, after all that is what higher education is all about. My personal action plan on upholding academic honesty is to simply not cheat.

• Setting and Achieving Goals

I learned a little bit about setting and achieving goals. I have printed out an article off of one of my assignments that helps me to set and reach goals. First setting a goal is good but there has to be something that motivates you to reach that goal. If you have no reasons to complete a set goal there is a chance that you might not reach the goal. Be precise when setting your goals, have a great understanding of what your goal is and describe it in a clear concise manner that states exactly what you want to do. Keep your goals realistic in a sense that they will be attainable. Keep your goals personal...

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