Student Survival Guide

Student Survival Guide

Skills for Learning in an Info Age is the perfect class to take in a student’s first block of classes at University of Phoenix. I learned quite a bit from this class, and I know that it will help me tremendously in the rest of my academic career.

This class taught and gave me tips on how to use Axia academic resources, how to employ academic honesty, how to set and achieve goals, how to manage time wisely, reading retention, and how to utilize my personality type and multiple intelligences.

University of Phoenix has great academic resources. There are free workshops for all students. I believe it is best to take full advantage of these. I took two of them in addition to my two classes in my first block. They helped me a lot. The first one I took was Student Technology Workshop for MS Office. In that workshop, I learned how to complete a Power Point Presentation and learned about short cuts I did not know of both Microsoft Word and Excel. The second workshop I took was Student Success. That workshop taught me how to manage time, prioritize, and gave me a couple of good study tips.

There is also an interactive learning tutorial called OLS Tutorial for Students. It is a step-by-step guide on how to log in, access your classes, and go in-depth in each course.

Another academic resource that University of Phoenix has to offer is the expansive online library. You can find just about anything there. There are three different data bases in which you can do your research. And if you need help, you can use the “ask the librarian” feature and get a response within 24 hours.

Write Point in a program in which you submit your paper and the paper is checked for grammatical and spelling errors. You can find Write Point in the Center for Writing Excellence.

Academic honesty is extremely important. The University of Phoenix offers a plagiarism checker where students can submit their papers to make sure that they have quoted any and all sources used...

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