Student Values

Student Values

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Expected Student Values at the University of Phoenix
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University of Phoenix

Expected Student Values at the University of Phoenix
Upon acceptance into the University of Phoenix, students are expected to uphold values as adult learners. We have been granted an educational opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in which we can apply to our professional lives. We must assume a role as active participants in our education at the University of Phoenix. The University of Phoenix has a non-traditional approach to higher education. In that sense, we must interact and actively participate within the classroom to maximize our learning experience. We must also bring our life and work experiences to the collaborative learning model so that our classmates may benefit from each other’s unique perspective to the topics of our studies. Because our experiences are intertwined with our studies we may immediately benefit from lessons learned in class through application of those lessons and experiences into our professional lives. Now that we have gained right of passage into the Masters of Information Systems degree program we must uphold principals and standards of behavior to remain in the program and to be successful throughout the remainder of our academic career. We must honor the Student Code of Conduct, as well as live by the Student Code of Academic Integrity, and we must utilize the universities computing and communication resources acceptably.
In the University of Phoenix Catalog The Student Code of Conduct states, “Students are expected to conduct themselves ethically, honestly, and with integrity as responsible members of the University’s academic community. This requires the demonstration of mutual respect and civility in academic and professional discourse” (University of Phoenix, 2009, p. 29). The Student Code of Conduct can be summarized into four common areas; act honestly,...

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