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This is my imagination bed room, look this picture you can see the first is the beautiful bed, in the bed you can see two pillows and one of the blanket that goodly order prepare, on the wall of my bed room you can see 1 photo that is my picture,
My bed room is in the heart of my home, it's warm and comfortable, with rich, deep red colors and deep carpet. My window looks out over the sea to the islands, I have lots of soft table lamps in my bedroom, because I don't like hard bright light. Soft lighting helps me to relax and fall asleep more easily, after a hard day and university.

The kitchen we have had extended into a large and spacious room with a window facing north, so we don't get the sun in the room, making it too hot to cook in. In the centre is the cooking and eating island, where I can cook and talk to my friends at the same time. It's a very social room and we often hang out in the kitchen during meal preparation. The fridge is built into the wall units so it looks more attractive to visitors. I love my kitchen!

I have used an ultra modern design for my imaginary bathroom. I have used German sanitary ware and Thai ceramic tiles to create a minimalist effect. The bathroom itself is en-suite to my bedroom via a heavy wooden door. Once in the bathroom, I feel relaxed and I enjoy long, peaceful baths in the deep bathtub. Cleaning is very simple of this room, as all the ceramic tiling is high gloss and easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

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