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S. D.
ICW outline

I. Introduction
Many questions regarding how males and females relate to each other are still unanswered. However, few studies didn’t take in account key questions regarding gender relationships. Understanding this is crucial, so that a study, in a search corner, has been analyzed the gender influence in people relationships. Although few search results mentioned some negative impacts of the gender relationships, my focus will be male-female differences, personal attitude, professional work, and romantic relationships in many ways are usually complementary and positive.

II. Opposing Argument
a. Topic sentence some studies show that mostly the impact of relationships is positive; however few negative experiences are mentioned.
b. Supporting detail # 1 According to Rhodes when girls may have more difficulty forming solid relationships that is due to a mismatch on youth co-education programing. That program is provided by taking encounter mostly only boys’ benefit, so this doesn’t met girls’ needs. (Rhodes 3)
c. Supporting detail # 2 Also parents in troubled relationships, in turn, might make relation formation very hard for girls in mentoring relationships because the mother that is the key person for helping girls forming good relationships is absented. Then the mother doesn’t provide a secure attached style, like providing transportation, for helping girls forming her relationships. For example, in a four-year study of youth programming, researcher Molly Mead concluded that many programs did not serve girls as effectively as boys. (Rhodes 3-4)
d. Supporting detail # 3 Cook and Cook tell “These two categories of behaviors differ by whether they can hurt others; aggression is directed against someone or something, whereas assertiveness may be defined as speaking up for oneself,...

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