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Documented Opinion Essay Topics
Topics:  Choose a topic from your college major or career plan. Look in current newspapers and magazines for an area of contoversy or interest. The list below includes suggestions.  "Brainstorm" a list of ideas about your topic and begin to form ideas for development

How does a college education prepare students for work  in the career you have chosen?
Is it better for government on private groups to provide services, such as schools or recycling, in your area of interest?
Students at public colleges pay about one-fourth the cost of their education.  Who pays the rest? Is the subsidy justified?  Should students in your major be required to pay more?  Why or why not?
What math and writing skills are needed for success in your profession?  What GPA is required?
Given all the evidence that smoking is harmful, why do people continue to smoke?
Why are Americans the most overweight people in the world?
How much should people exercise?  How can we get them to exercise more?
Should physicians be prevented from intentionally providing people with the means to commit suicide?
Should nurses be allowed to write prescriptions?
Should mail-order pharmacies be legal?
Are healthcare professionals motivated by money or concern for helping others?
Small business
What incubators are available in the Atlanta area and what advantages do they offer?
What factors are involved in franchising?
To what extent do Atlanta's traffic problems limit its economic potential?
Why does the United States have a higher rate of crime than almost all other advanced countries?
Should states legalize gambling to raise more revenue?
What restrictions, if any, should news reporters observe in their investigations and reporting?
Are internet file-sharing services in violation of copyright laws?

Documented Opinion Essay Topics


1. We are becoming increasingly...

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