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Effective Teamwork Questionnaire

Answer each question in 200 to 300 words, using specific information from the text, “Helping Annie”, “Team Building”, and “Building a Team of Talent” videos, and your research and experience.

1. What are the characteristics of effective teams? How will you ensure your collaborative team works effectively? I belive that the characterist of an effective team is when there is good communication an production within the team. In order for our team to be successful we must all stay on task.
2. How will you deal with behavior that hurts your team’s objectives? Set up a team meeting so that we can listen to all of the team members thoughts and ideas. We will disscuss openling minded all of the options to resolve any issues that might hurt the teams objectives.
3. What are your proactive processes to keep a team member up to date if he or she misses a meeting? What are your backup plans if things are not working on your team? We will be posting our teams discussion online, so that any team member that misses the meeting may still have access to the discussion. Instead of just having one team meeting, we will have to meetings in order to accommodate to everyones time schedule.
4. How will you use technology to support your team’s efforts? What are some questions you should ask? Being this an online course technology plays an important role with our team communication. We will be using emails, text messages, cell phone, and video calls to communicate among our team.
5. Is your team more task-focused or relationship-focused? Why? What are the implications to your team? Our team is a task focused team. I think that only having virtual contact, forces us to be a task focused team.

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