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My lovely hometown is Nairobi, Kenya. A town, which is located in Western Kenya. I love to live here because the environment is so comfortable and make me always splendid in here. Also love friendly people, too. I love everything belongs my hometown where I was born and grew in 30 years.

I like Nairobi very much and I think if I were proposed to change my town for a village, I would refuse. Of course, I can't deny that life in a big city or town has a lot of disadvantages. The first and foremost is an enormous air and noise pollution. The car exhaust contains a lot of harmful substance, which influence our health. Besides, life in a big city is much more stressful than that in the country. Drivers suffer from car crashes, pedestrians curse rush hours, constant queuing and irregularity of public transport. There are a lot of unemployed people in big towns. Everyone grumbles about exorbitant rents that must be paid for tiny flats, and apart from accommodation, the cost of living is very high. But whatever the disadvantages are, I personally wouldn't swap live in the city for anything in the world. I suppose the monotony and harmony of rural provincial existence would very soon bore me. I would certainly miss the stimulus of the big town life. There are several valid reasons for that. Firstly life in a big city is more anonymous: you can be who you want to be and do what you want to do. Secondly, I find the city as easier place to make friends in. Another reason, why I like living in the town is because there is so much going on. And it is needless to say that the citizens are more advantaged in education and employment. And the food here is awesome, very cheap and very tasty. I am talking about my favorite dish which is githeri (beans and corns).

And in the end I'd like to say I consider Nairobi one of the best towns in our Republic. It's a wonderful and beautiful place to live in, so I don't want to change it for another place of living.

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