Students and Computers

Students and Computers

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Computer for college students

Lately, there has been an explosion in the sale of laptops. Compared with

previous years when only rich or business people could afford to have a small pc when

they traveled. Nowadays, this has changed totally. Today, almost every college students

have one. A computer is necessary for students for three reasons: easy for typing,

communications with teachers and for research on the Internet.

First of all, students use computers for typing assignments and other schoolwork.

This gives them many advantages in getting better academic results. As we all know,

college students get a lot of assignments during their school time. With their own laptop

they will be able to finish work quicker than what they normally would have done. Let’s

imagine a person who doesn’t have a computer in class. In the class they get two hours

to start their essay that has to be done by next week. The students with their own laptop

start typing from the minute they receive the essay question. The people that don’t have

a PC need to start writing by hand and later type it on a computer. They will do the essay

twice compared with the others.

Second of all, colleges today are “modernized”. Nearly all communications with

teachers outside class happens through e-mail or student pages on Internet. With your

own computer you will be able to check the latest news from your teachers. Many

professors use “power point” presentation to make the class easier to pay attention, they

often put these on Internet for you to download them. This can come handy for you to

get prepared for class. A problem with this is that the teachers often put this on the net a

couple of hours before the class takes place. Most of the students are unavailable to get

their hands on these ahead of the class and are by this not as well prepared as they could

have been, even though they have read the...

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