Students and part-time jobs

Students and part-time jobs

Nowadays many students in general have a part-time job. It may seem to be a good idea to earn some extra money, by working just a few hours per week and experiencing what it means to stand on your own feet. However, there is more to it than that. Of course there are pros and cons of having a part-time job while studying.

On the one hand, these jobs have positive aspects. They can help teach students the importance of budgeting. As the earned money is not only needed for going out with friends but also for paying the patrol they need to get to college. Moreover as the students have earned it themselves and they have to work really hard for just a few euros sometimes, they appreciate the value of money they have earned more than their parents’ money.
Additionally, students can discover the real working world and find out if it is at all like they have always imagined or not and what the differences are to their everyday studying life. Their job can also help them to gain experience in the field they wish to enter in the near future.

On the other hand, the most important negative point about part-time jobs is that they can cause a source of stress. Students leave early in the morning for college, returning at home occasionally not until the afternoon. Adding the time for homework or even extracurricular activities, many students do a full-time job every day. After having finished all these essential things, they rush to their job. Because of jobs always consuming time, as a result, students may have very little free time. Therefore, there is no time to meet friends, do sport or just relax.

In conclusion, studying should be the first and important priority for every student. Working after school and putting money aside could be a good experience. However, do not forget that there are jobs which are very flexible and employers who understand students not working during exams.

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