Students Should Have Work Before Start Tertiary Education

Students Should Have Work Before Start Tertiary Education

Students should work for a year before they start college.

School holidays are no longer spent just hanging out with friends. Many teenagers nowadays are taking the opportunity to work and earn some extra pocket money. This phenomenon has been very common in our country especially for those SPM leavers. More and more students decide to work for a year before they start their college or continue their tertiary education. Should the students work for a year before they start the college? Yes, I’m totally agrees with this statement due to a lot of advantages gain by students.

Students who have working experience will be exposed on how difficult it is to earn their own money. More precisely, they may start to realize on how hard their parents have work actually to give them pocket money and support the family expenses. For instance, teenagers nowadays always demand for luxury items such as I-Pod, high tech cell phone, or PSP from their parents. Therefore, if a student know that how hard it is to earn a living out there, they will start to appreciate what they have and also know the true values of money in their life. In return of that, they may understand their parents better and perhaps the relationship between the teenagers and their parents might also become closer and improved.

Moreover, students who work before start their college, it will turn out to be a good platform for them to gain some experiences and skills. A lot of students are being pampered too much to believe that by listening to their lecturers, and passing final exam will make their life better in the future but in fact it is not true. An illustration of this is happen on among hospitality students, those who have experiences working in the industry will know more about the behavior of different types of customers and also have chance to sharpen their ability to be multitask at work. As a result, it is prove that the job can actually help students relevant their knowledge in practice...

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