Living Together

When two people commit to each other in marriage it’s considered the beginning of the rest of their lives together. One of the biggest changes in their lives is going to be moving in and living together. Some people choose living together before marriage as apposed to waiting until they are officially married to cohabitate. Cohabitation is a main controversy in many worldwide conversations. Living together before marriage is something that couples should take into consideration. Many cultures and religions consider cohabitation some form of taboo, but you never truly know a person fully until you live with them and see how they handle themselves in all aspects of the way.

I believe that couples should live together before getting married, so they can start to know each other on a closer, more personal level; moreover, they can start thinking about the compatibility of their future spouse. Couples start knowing each other on a closer level when they live together, which prepares them for a married lifestyle. For starters, you learn what your partner likes and dislikes, although this isn't always easy. There is a lot to discover about your partner and from your partner, the only way to do this successfully is to move in together. For Instance, it is very important that both you and your spouse have a lot of the same beliefs and mannerism, you don’t want to marry a person that does not share the same values and ideas that you do.

There are many studies that show that couples that live together before marriage are more likely to divorce than couples that do not. “Psychology Today reported the findings of Yale University sociologist Neil Bennett that cohabiting women were 80% more likely to separate or divorce than were women who had not lived with their spouses before marriage. The National Survey of Families and Households indicates that "unions begun by cohabitation are almost twice as likely to dissolve within 10 years compared to all...

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