Study Structure and Characteristics of Quartz Sand Dryer

Study Structure and Characteristics of Quartz Sand Dryer

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Quartz sand dryers are the same as river sand dryer, sand rotary dryer, which is belong to the same kind of dryer equipment, general can adopt the monocular their body, with mineral powder dryer are similar, it is mainly used for drying materials drying humidity and particle size range, the sand dryer machine is widely used in building material, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement industry, all kinds of ores, limestone, coal powder, quartz sand, clay, scrubbing yellow sand, foundry sand, sand and all kinds of metal ore concentrate, tailings not afraid of high temperature and slightly by soot pollution materials such as drying and dry. But are you familiar with the structure and characateristics of quartz sand dryer machine?

The structure composition and characteristics of quartz sand dryer machine are as follows:

1, the quartz sand dryer machine by the barrel and support, and other components of the motor, reducer, drum in vitro has the specialty the transmission gear ring, internal feed plate, clean up the professional area, into the wind channel, in and out of the mouth, stand on the roller, supporting the cylinder, the motor drive reducer, reducer, gear drives the ring gear rotation axis, so that the barrel turn slowly, according to the direction of the motor, can make the chronological and rotate counterclockwise direction.

2, material moisture, according to the principle of heating and hot air and cold material, can choose different specifications of quartz sand dryer according to work, the wheel supporting cylinder, reduce equipment wear less, use more convenient, safe, and by adjusting the rotational speed of speed reducer to control the rotation of the cylinder.

3, professional for a variety of materials or the front end of drying operation, produce the finished product material moisture under 1%, and does not destroy the original material of silicon dioxide content, to better applied to the electronic, chemical industry, building materials...

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