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I. Study Plan

A. Long Term Plan
B. Short Term Plan

II. Long and Short Term Plans

A. Kind of Short and Long Term Goals
B. How to Reach Each Goals

III. Preparation for The Mid Term Test

A. Using Dictionary
B. Learning Vocabulary
C. Note- Making
D. Using Library, Internet
E. Preparing for Mid-Term Test

IV. Learning Strategy

A. Make a Plan or Schedule
B. Follow Each Schedule

V. Strength and Weakness in Applying Learning Strategy

VI. Master English

A. Read English Books
B. Watched English Movie
C. Note- Making
D. Learning Vocabulary
E. Communicate Using English

VII. Increasing of English Vocabulary

A. Read English Books
B. Watched Movie
C. Note Making
D. Learning Vocabulary
E. Ask for Help

Study Skills Final Assignment

1. What did you plan for your study? Did you follow your plan? If
not, why?

Answer: My study plan are, I make set of goals. Goals that I want to reach, because by making set of goals I can manage my time wisely.
I manage my time by making Long- Term and Short ' Term Plan.

My Long Term Plans are I want to finish my college and receive bachelor degree, continue my study and get Master Degree, Get a good job with good salary.
To reach this Long Term Goals, I have some strategies. First of all I manage all my time wisely. I will write all the important date or my important activities in my calendar, ex. My Birthday, important anniversary, my exams, quiz, assignment due, or even if I have make up class.
The reason why I made this long term plans is it make me easier to reach to reach my goals, because I can use each of my time wisely. I don’t need to waste my time for doing useless thing. I can also maintain a balance for my academic and non academic...

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