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The carbatle is considered to be the best hunter of all the muttations. It is a combination of a bat, eagle, and shark fused together with a bobcat. The carbatle retains its bobcat body, but developed wings, bat ears, and the razor sharp teeth of a shark. Its binomial name, Chirodon ruphalus, relates back to Latin and its original counterparts. The word chiro means Sagittarius, and Sagittarius is the zodiac sign for hunting while –odon means teeth because the carbatle has the teeth of a shark. The word ruphalus means reddish head because the bobcat has a reddish head.

The carbatle is the best hunting muttation because it uses its wings to fly through the air and catch their prey a lot faster. However, being fused with a bat made the creature blind so it has to rely on its ears to detect obstacles and movement with its echolocation. Besides being agile in the air, the carbatle is also able to move fast because of having a body of a bobcat. It can run fast, and jump up to great heights. Once it captures its prey, the carbatle uses its shark teeth to easily kill the prey or bite into the prey and hang onto it. The Capitol is able to use this muttation to find citizens who ran away from their districts or from the Capitol.

Despite being the muttation that is best at hunting, it has its downfalls. Due to its reliance on its super sensitive hearing, making extremely loud noises can stun or confuse it. In rare cases, the muttation can lose its hearing and lose the ability to locate things. The carbatle can also be rendered useless by trapping it with a net because it can no longer use its wings for flight. It can easily be killed through any means, whether it is speared, stab, set on fire, etc.

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