1. Define Manifest Destiny:

2. Explain slavery become a major issue within American politics?

3. Explain the significance of the Wilmot Proviso:

4. How did the ideas of abolitionism and the platform of the Free Soil Party differ? What political party later embraced the beliefs of the Free Soil Party?

5. Who was Nat Turner and why was he a significant figure in American history?

6. Explain the significance of the following figures. Be sure to connect them to the rise of abolitionism in the United States.

a. William Lloyd Garrison –

b. The Grimke sisters –

c. John C. Calhoun –

d. Fredrick Douglas –

7. Who authored Uncle Tom’s Cabin and how did it contribute to the rise of sectionalism in America?

8. Explain the Missouri Compromise (3 parts):

9. Explain the Compromise of 1850 (4 parts):

10. Define popular sovereignty:

11. Explain the state’s rights argument used by the South (be sure to include the Nullification Crisis):

12. In your own words, explain the concept of Manifest Destiny:

13. Explain the significance of each of the trails westward:

a. Mormon Trail –

b. Santa Fe Trail –

c. Oregon Trail –

14. Why did the settlers of Texas want to break away from the Mexican Government?

15. What ultimately caused the Mexican-American War?

16. List the provisions of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo:

17. Describe how were Native Americans impacted by American desires to fulfill their Manifest Destiny:

18. How did the discovery of gold impact American Manifest Destiny?

19. What was the significance of the Wilmot Proviso?

20. Explain the Kansas-Nebraska Act:

21. Why did the Kansas-Nebraska Act anger many northerners?

22. What was “Bleeding (Bloody) Kansas”?

23. What was the impact of the Dred Scott Case?

24. Explain the intentions of John brown and how he was viewed by both the North and the South:

a. Southern perspective –


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