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United States Marine Corps
Professional Reading Program

Book Discussion
Sustaining the Transformation
1. In as few words as possible, what is this book about?
This book is about two brothers who go into the Marine Corps

2. What made you want to read it?
I was forced to read this book.

3. Did it live up to your expectations? Why? Why not?
No, it did not. I had no expectations to begin with.

4. Did you learn anything new? If so, what?
No, I didn’t learn anything new.

5. Which part of the book did you find most interesting?
Their moral and attitude in boot camp. Didn’t seem believable. More of a story you tell for motivational purposes.

6. Did this book inspire you to want to do more research on the subject? Why? Why not?
No, I simply don’t have any interest in any subjects covered in this book.

7. Would you recommend it to a friend or another Marine? Why? Why not?
No, because I don’t know any friend, marine or civilian, who would find this interesting.

8. Does the subject of this book affect your life? If so, how? If no, why not?
In a way, yes. People in leadership often find themselves reading books and articles such as these, then gain a large amount of motivation and dump in on their subordinates, me being one of those.

9. What evidence does the author use to support their ideas?
The author uses evidence of Marine Corps life, the life style in which Marine’s life their lives.

10. Are the issues raised in the book controversial? Why?
Controversial simply because everyone has a different approach for most things. There will always be an arguing party towards one idea.

11. Does the author offer solutions to the problems raised in the book? How probable is their success? Can you think of additional solutions?

12. If you were to talk with the author, what would you ask him or her?

13. Have you read the author’s other books? Are there similarities (in theme, writing style, structure, etc.)...

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