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Evie Burton
March 1, 2011


In today's society, I feel it is very hard for young adults my age there are so many things out there to influence us to want to change how we real are. We want to be like the celebrities we see on television and in magazines. When I was about fifteen I began to have an obsession with my weight. I used to think that I was fat and nobody could tell me otherwise. I went on crazy diets, I took diet pills, I staved myself for days and eat very little, my eating habits took control over my life I obsessed over my weight for three years. I look back and feel horrible about what I did to my body, but I am grateful for the people who helped me get through it.

Ever since I was little girl people always told me how “thick” I was and, as I got older it started to take a toll on my self esteem. My brothers always used to say harmless jokes and call me thins like “ thunder thighs, hogzilla, miss piggy” at the time they didn't realize I was taking everything they seriously but, after that I started obsessing with my weight. It stared with a simple diets like eating salads, fruits, vegetables and exercise but, then my obsession to lose weight got worse and the diets got worst. I was on a diets were I was only drinking water and cayenne pepper till it made me sick.

After dieting I still felt fat so I moved on to taking diet pills. For two months that I started taking Hydroxycut, I started to get very lightheaded and had blurred vision. After I had finished the first bottle, I bought another one and I just kept taking them non stop. This time I began to see more and more the side effects of these pills. My heart rate increased and I started getting chest pains but, I ignored these symptoms. I had lost my appetite, which I thought was great. The one time I did have a little scare when I was at work and passed out when I took the children outside. It was hot and humid, my...