Subject Report on Steam Fire Engines

Subject Report on Steam Fire Engines

Anthony Veneri
Subject Report

For my subject report I decided to research the history of steam powered fire engines in colonial times. This seemed to be an interesting topic for me to discuss when I read about these early fire engines in my book report book The Romance of Firefighting. This book made me want to learn more about the early apparatus so I decided to do more research for my subject report.

My entire life so far has been spent around fire fighting and the various local fire companies. Most of the men in my family as well as me were involved in our local fire companies. I also chose to write this subject paper on this topic because of the fact that I was interested to see how fires were brought under control in the early part of our countries history. There is something about the fire engines that seem to draw my attention the most. I get an adrenaline rush every time I hear a fire engine and can’t help but try to find this. I felt like doing a subject report on steam powered fire engines would be something that would draw my interest and make it easier for me to write about.

Today, technology in the fire fighting field is so advanced that it is hard for today’s fire fighters to realize or imagine what life would be like with out the equipment we currently have. When I chose to do my subject report on this topic I felt that I would learn much more about what it meant to be a fire fighter and understand how truly brave the early firemen were and what they would have to deal with on a regular basis. I am very interested in anything fire fighting related and am glad I was given the opportunity to do a report on something in history I was interested in rather than a report about something I already know or have written a report on before.

When I began doing research on my topic I found it very difficult to find information about this subject. The many local libraries around my area offered very little to no information about steam powered...

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