Success Is Due to Hard Work and Little Bit Luck

Success Is Due to Hard Work and Little Bit Luck

Some people believe that when they succeed it is because of their hard work while others consider luck plays an important role in success.From my perspective,hard work is a key to success.There are examples of many great people who got success and earned fame due to their countless efforts.

To begin with,If we peer through the history, we have a lot of great personalities like scientists,athletes,artists who had done work hard and become a well renowned figure for the next generations.Scientists,as for example,Issac Newton,a Mathematician and a Physicist,had done countless experiments and given us many wonderful discoveries.It was not the one day effort instead he spent months or even years to give us laws of motion and laws of gravitation and much more.

Secondly,Athletes who put their tireless efforts to achieve their goals.They work hard day and night,practice as much as is needed to reach their destination.They do not just rely on luck and leave to work hard.They input their energies and get the output in the form of shield or medal or the appreciation and affection from their fans.

Thirdly,if I am striving for something I will have to struggle for it.I have graduated Pharmacy and i know that without hard work it was impossible to get Pharmacy degree.If I think that I would not work hard and pray to God for success and depend on my luck to achieve success then it would be undoubtedly unfair.This is just like tea without water.
To conclude,hard work is a key factor towards success.Luck matters but not as much as your efforts.So If we work hard and do not let ourselves on luck we can achieve whatever we want.

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