Successful Businessman

Successful Businessman

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BM 8016

ICA 1 –
The Qualities of a Successful Manager/Leader

Fabian Ong

As a teenager, Jean has always been fascinated by the different hair styles and cuts and knew that she wants be a hair stylist when she grows up. Given her rebellious and care-free mindset, she secretly enrolled in an American hairdressing course which was offered locally, fully knowing her conservative parents will not approve of, as her parents were in the hardware business, and had wanted her to learn the ropes.
It did not take long for her parents to find out, as she was away for long periods during the day and coming home to different hair styles daily. After a severe scolding, her parents decided that if this is really what Jean wants, they will allow her to continue her passion, but only if she enrols in the best school available, which was based in London. It was an easy decision to make.
Jean was determined to succeed; she stayed behind after graduation to learn and familiar herself with different big names in the business industry, even working part-time to fund the additional period of stay and intern-ship, working up to 14 hours a day. This played a major role in shaping her motivation and drive to what was to come in her future plans.
Upon her return to Singapore, she helped out at her family business for the next 5 years deciding to pursue her dreams. She took a big leap and opened her first shop in Katong plaza, to attempt to reach out to the suburb community. She was an entrepreneur, developing the middle mass markets segment whereby it is very stylish yet affordable. With her strong technical skills in hairdressing and excellent human skills, the shop did very well. Jean also sniffed a good opportunity to expand, adding more shop space in the same mall within a span of six months. Her clientele became huge and the good word spread, her shop was packed almost every day.
Jean also took on an informational role,...

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