Successful Leader Characteristics

Successful Leader Characteristics

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In keeping with the task assigned to me, I would like to present my assignment on leadership, focusing on an inspiring leader whom I have met in my life in comparison with the theoretical aspect of leadership. In this era of globalization we can see leaders mushrooming at a higher rate and still there are some great people who stand out in the crowd and make their voice heard those are the real leaders. Leaders undoubtedly leave their foot prints on the sand of time. Being an effective leader is not with every ones reach, some are born leader others mould and shape themselves into the state with their meticulous efforts.

According to Hughes, Ginnet and curphy (2006) the successful leaders share three abilities .The first ability to get along with others and build teams. Another is the ability to make sound and timely decision .And the third is the ability to get things done. They defined leadership as the process of influencing an organized group towards accomplishing its goal.
(Weber ,1947) defined charisma as a special personality characteristic that gives a person a superhuman or exception powers and is reserved for a few, is of divine origin, and results in the person being treated as a leader. He also emphasis on charisma as a personality characteristic, and also recognized the important role played by followers in validating charisma in the leader.
Musser (1987) notes that Charismatic Leader and the Transformational Leader can have many similarities, in that the Transformational Leader may well be charismatic. The leader which i selected have transformational qualities which is suitable for the attributes of leader as well as attribution of followers because Working for a Transformational Leader can be a wonderful and uplifting experience. They put passion and energy into everything. They care about us and want us to succeed. Transformational leaders are those leaders who have the vision and passion of achieving great...

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