Suffering in Waiting for Godot

Suffering in Waiting for Godot

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To us, all the Vladimirs and
Estragons in the world,
To Godot, who will never come because we will never give up waiting,
And to my supervisor, for his choice of the subject and his patience on me,
I present It; an attempt.


This short, concentrated study can merely be seen as an attempt to explore the aspects of suffering as a central and essential theme in Beckett's play Waitng for Godot
After an introduction which shows the tasks and difficulties of such a study, the study is divided into two chapters.
The first chapter explores in its three sections Beckett's life and his major works, then it discuses the philosophical scene in the early twentieth century and its effects on Beckett's literary and philosophical identity.
The second chapter turns its focus to the play itself, summarizing the play, exploring the characterization and the setting in the first section. In the second section of the chapter, the concept of suffering is tackled; we traced the main aspects of suffering in the play, explaining the reason behind each kind.
The study ended with a suggestive conclusion in which we tried to sum up the conception of suffering in Beckett's approach, gathering precisely, the outcomes of the study.



As the most figurative piece of work in the drama of the twentieth century , and the most figurative work of Beckett as well ,WAITING FOR GODOT is not claimed to be whole covered here .It is clear that the great deal of writings, criticism, theological debate that was left after it is no way to be all discussed here. Rather this research_ if we dare to say will be a collection of notes on the theme of the play, the atmosphere it was born in and of course the ideological background or belongingness, if any. A major difficulty beside the...

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