Summary Business Communication Chapter 14 - 15 Mcgraw-Hill

Summary Business Communication Chapter 14 - 15 Mcgraw-Hill

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Business Communication

Chapter 14



Being Sensitive to Your Audience’s Needs

Reports and proposals that are highly technical, complex, or lengthy can put heavy demands on your readers, so the “you” attitude takes on even greater importance with these long messages.

Building Strong Relationships with Your Audience

Your report may continue to be read for months or years after you write them and reach audiences you never envisioned.

Controlling Your Style and Tone

If you know your readers reasonably well and your report is likely to meet with their approval, you can generally adopt a fairly informal tone, provided that doing so is acceptable in the situation and in your company’s culture. Adjust the level of formality to match the situation and your audience’s expectations.


Report Introduction

Carefully select the elements to include in your introduction, don’t include anything your audience doesn’t need or expect.

Report Body

The report body should contain only enough information to convey your message convincingly, don’t overload the body with excessive details.

Report Close

The nature of your close depends on the type of report (informational, analytical, or proposal) and the approach (direct or indirect).

Drafting Proposal Content

Proposal Introduction

In an unsolicited proposal, your introduction may need to convince readers that a problem or opportunity exists.

Proposal Body

Readers understand that a proposal is a persuasive message, so they’re willing to accommodate a promotional style as long as it is professional and focused on their needs.

Proposal Close

The close is your last chance to convince the reader of the merits of your proposal, so make double sure it’s clear, compelling, and audience-oriented.

Drafting Online Content

Localizing web content involves both...

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