Summary chapter 3 Organizational Theory

Summary chapter 3 Organizational Theory

Summary organization theory organizational effectiveness chapter 3

With organizational effectiveness we mean in which degree an organization attains its short term and long term goals, the selection of strategic constituencies within the organizations environment, the self-interest of the evaluator and the life stage of the organization.
the appropriate structure of an organization will make an organization effective, there are various approaches to the study of organizational effectiveness, namely
the goal attainment approach
the system approach
the strategic-constituencies approach
the balanced scorecard approach

the goal attainment approach is the approach where the organization’s effectiveness should be judged by whether it has achieved what it sets out to achieve.
these goals must be explicit and should reflect the areas important to the organization

the goal attainment approach assumes that organizations are analytical, deliberate and goal seeking. consequently, successful goal accomplishment can be considered an appropriate measure of effectiveness.

disadvantages of the goal attainment approach are:
difficulties with making the decision which goals should be practiced
organizations tend to have official and unofficial sets of goals (official goals are usually determined by social standards, these will not help to understand what the organization is trying to accomplish.
many organizational goals are confidential in order not to become known to competitors.
organizations must rank their goals which will cause problems.

Systems approach views end goals as only one element in a more complex set of criteria, this will increase the long term survival of the organization. These are:
ability to acquire resources
maintain as a social organization
succesfully interact with its external environment

In contrast to the goal attainment approach, the systems focuses on the means necessary to ensure the organizations continued...

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