Summary of 2008

Summary of 2008

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It sucked.

Reason number 1.
One word. SPM.

Reason number 2.
I met my worst enemy.

Reason number 3.
I received my 1st, 2nd and 3rd official hate mail.

Reason number 4.
I still dunno who sent me the hate mail.

Reason number 5.
I've been mentally molested by a Turkey guy.

Reason number 6.
I had a fight with my ex friends.
and now we're never gonna be the same again. I backed off and I keep regretting why I wrote that stupid blog post. I should have just shut my mouth and kept my feelings to myself.

Reason number 7.
I didn't win the freaking Sony camera.
Ugh and I submitted over 20 pictures.

Reason number 8.
My sister went to Glasgow and I miss her.

Reason number 9.
My stinky brother still won't respect me as his sister.
And everthing has to go his way.
Gonna make him know who's the boss around here.

Reason number 10.
I gained a lot of weight...
Stupid freaking SPM!

It did have it's bright side though.
I stood up to my teacher and she yelled at me.
Not my favourite moment but at least she lost her cool.
I'll always remember her telling me to take out my essay papers..
LOL "Na Chu Qu!!!"
Sigh good times...

I learned to be a diva.
All thanks to Freddy. He's been a good friend to me and I'll always cherish him no matter what other people may think of him.

I had several crushes.
David Cook
David Archuleta
Robert Hoffman
Robert Pattinson
Hayami Mokomichi
Ryan Reynolds
James Mcavoy

I've learned that most of my classmates and teachers in my school are pretty funny.
Proof 1
Proof 2
Proof 3

I didn't get chosen for National Service.
Yay for me~

I turned 17.
Which means I can learn driving! Yay~
Hate side parking btw.

I got my first real cheque!
Although it's only 2 US dollars and I can't even deposit it. I still got my first real cheque!!!

I met amazing new friends!!!

I got rid of my junkfood addiction!
I think.

My face is a lot better..
Thanks to 12...

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