Summary of Reflective Learning Journal

Summary of Reflective Learning Journal

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Summary of the Reflective Learning Journal
Module 4

This module we learned a lot about the theoretical side of counselling. Even though sometimes it was a little challenging and dry, it definitely was very beneficial. I think we have covered a lot of useful background knowledge, which was very interesting and helped me understand more about the profession of counselling and what we will be doing as counsellors in the future. I really enjoyed learning the techniques counsellors use like the Malan Triangle, which I can’t wait to apply to more counselling role plays in the future.
Following are some of the things I have learned in this and past modules, which reflect the work in my Learning Journal.

1. Have considered how your past social relationships (including family relationships) might have influenced the ways in which you respond to others.

My past relationships have influenced me in a lot of ways. For example the relationship to my mother and my siblings, has got a lot to do with who I am now. And I must say, have taken a lot from this course and have learned so much about myself and my character, but out of all this, the most astonishing fact, that I have realised, is how the separation of my parents has unconsciously affected the way I think and deal with new relationships in my life. Realising this, has made It easier for me to accept certain ways I think.I feel like every time I leave our class I have something else to reflect upon and something new that I have learned about myself and how this affects my environment.

2. Have an awareness of the differences between the therapeutic alliance, transference and
the real relationship and how these are used in counselling.

We have learned the differences of the therapeutic alliance, transference and the real relationship, and following is what I have taken away from this.
The therapeutic alliance is the working relationship between the client and the therapist. This is the foundation of...

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