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Joao Morales
Assignment #4

2.The exercise clause protects the right to any religious beliefs. It may affect the “practice” of a religion. The establishment clause states the country cannot favor any one religion.
3. Political speech receives highest level of protection. The Court has stated that the ability to criticize the government and government officials is central to the meaning of the First Amendment. Commercial speech receives lower level. The interest is the state trying to prohibit deceptive advertisement against the economic right of corporation to exercise free speech for profits.
4.Until 1975 the Court had held that commercial speech was not constitutionally protected and could be broadly regulated by the states.  Since then, however, the Court has given commercial speech significant protection, holding, for example, that a state could not prohibit pharmacies from advertising the prices of prescription drugs.  However, the states still retain the right to regulate commercial speech in some ways that other types of speech could not be regulated.  For example, a state may prohibit a manufacturer from making false or unsubstantiated claims about its product, but a state may not prohibit a politician from making unsubstantiated claims about his record.
7. Freedom of speech, Press, Assembly, Religion, and petition to the government of the redress of grievances. These freedoms were the foundation of the new world. The monarchy was what independence was sought from so these particular freedoms separated the common man from the law of a kingdom.
8. People argue for the right to pray in public schools . Some argue for Christian references should be removed from public buildings. It is an everyday argument for the government to distance itself from religion or religious practices.

Chapter 5
1. It meant to equalize all citizens. For many years the slaves were treated inhumanely. This continued after the abolishment of slavery. The Jim Crow laws...

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