Sun Life Financial: Entering China

Sun Life Financial: Entering China

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1. Undertake a SWOT analysis of the organization in the case.

- Strong brand name being established in Canada in 1865
- Well established multi-national organization
- Partner – Everbright group is reputable
- Everbright’s existing contacts in financial industry might become Sun Life’s potential customers
- Many products under its umbrella creates a competitive edge
- A well diversify company portfolio allowing them to adapt to market

- Not familiar with China Market
- Products used for other markets might not be able to fit the conservative Chinese population

- China has large untap market / cities that are very potential
- Developing countries and people getting educated
- Increasing income levels of the working population
- China’s one child policy making parents more concerned of kids’ future

- Locally managed companies, especially PICC
- Rivals being to close to government bodies as relationship being a key factor for business
- Rivals modeling Sun Life’s policies at a lower cost due to locally run

2. How did entering China market contribute to the organisation’s competitive advantage?

China is a big growing market, and will eventually become a market level at the rate it is expanding. The rate the economy is moving will also bring it to up to an important trade country in the world.

In its expanding stage, if Sun Life fails to get a position in the economy, it will affect the company’s image of not being seen in a fast growing world economy.

Also, Sun Life is making a profit in all it ventures and the expansion now will help the company maintain a growth in its industry. It will further bring up its brand name.

In my opinion, big competitors like AIA being already in China has also stimulated Sun Life’s decision in entering the market as they also want to be part the scene.

3. Identify and evaluate the strategies that the organization has pursued to maintain the...

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