Sun Microsystems.

Sun Microsystems.

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Reflection: Managing a Global Team

Case Study: Managing a Global Team

            In the Harvard Business School case study Managing a Global Team, Sun Microsystems was a company that provided information technology solutions regarding hardware, software, storage, and services (p. 6).  The company’s origin began with Stanford University students as a course project.  Shortly later, the owners of the company signed a contract with a client for $40 million.  The company would become extremely profitable and had areas of operation throughout 47 countries, encompassing approximately 35,000 employees.  Sun Microsystems’ policy was to follow the sun; organizational teams throughout the world started work as the sun was rising in their particular region.  The purpose of this discussion is to discuss Sun Microsystems, Inc. global manager, Greg James, and his many team dynamic challenges. 

Important Facts
            HS Holdings, one of James teams’ accounts, had a situation where their entire system was down for two hours.  During the technology interruption, HS Holdings lost thousands and was seeking the $300k service contract money returned to them.  HS Holdings was dissatisfied with their customer service and expected James’ team to acknowledge their problems much more efficiently and effectively.  Although HS Holdings support team contacted Sun Microsystems, Inc. for support, nobody engaged their needs.  Hence, this was a direct violation of their service contract. 
            James was a brilliant man and knew technology well.  He graduated with a computer engineering degree from Stanford University.  Ultimately, James chose employment with Sun because of the many potential opportunities he may encounter throughout his tenure with the company.  Little did James know however, he had many issues that he would be confronted with regarding his global teams. 

Key Issues
            Obviously having multiple teams located throughout the world, it is...

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