Sun,The Moon and the shade

Sun,The Moon and the shade

Creation myth

By faith odegbami

in the beginning of time there was nothing but light and out of light darkness was born. The darkness began to take over leaving nothing but one corner of light. In this one corner of light a baby boy was born from mother light before she was no more. Mother light powers kept the baby safe from his father until she was strong enough to return and save him.

Mother light returned to her son and saved him. Father darkness tried to kill mother light but did not succeed. Mother light escaped and hid her son on a star where his father could not find him. Mother light then returned to father darkness so she could tell him she killed their son. Father darkness believed her and gave up the fight.

In the beginning before time existed it self there was nothing but the three elements known as rock,water and soil. one day god decided that he wanted to create a being that could bring light to the universe . God was certain that rock would be the best substance to create his bearings out of because it was strong and sturdy. He believed that they would be able to bring light to the universe.

It took god a very long time to create the first beings known as the rock people. These people were very difficult to create though they were strong they would collapse almost minutes after creation. The rock people had three major flaws they were unable to grow,feel emotion and compassion. God saw that they were not fit to bring light to the universe and waited for them to die off so he could create a new beings.

God thought very long and hard about what to create the second set of beings out of. He finally thought that water would be a good substance to create his beings out of. It again took god a even longer period of time than before to create his beings beside the water people would not hold shape. Once god got the beings to hold shape he say that they too had the same 3 major flaws of the previous being

God decided to...

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