Super Size Me - Health Warnings on Mcdonald's Food

Super Size Me - Health Warnings on Mcdonald's Food

Super Size Me

Jordan McDonald Year 9 Windsor David Mandell

In recent years, the Tobacco Industry has been forced to place health warnings on the outside of cigarette packets due to the effect smoking has on our bodies. Therefore, Fast Food Giants such as McDonald’s should also place health warnings on all of their packaging in order to show the public the effects their foods can have on our bodies. Certainly, this is a valid point due to the extreme effects McDonald’s foods can have on our bodies and of course, in the bigger picture, the world. This can be proven through 3 main arguments. One, the packaging on cigarette packets proved worthy by decreasing smoker numbers dramatically, so, with health warnings on McDonald’s packaging, it is believed that obesity numbers will drop and secondly, number of deaths caused each year by the consumption of these harmful foods, and lastly,

The Tobacco company placed health warnings on every cigarette packet made after March 1st, 2006 by force. This idea was generated in the hope that when some people see the graphic pictures showing the effects of smoking, they will quit. The number of smokers after the forced health warning proposal decreased dramatically. By the end of 2006, globally, 832,700 people had successfully quit smoking due to the incorporation of health warnings on packets. With such a strong response to the health warnings, why not do the same for the fast food giant McDonald’s. Today, people are constantly raging about how the world is slowly getting fatter and now think it is now appropriate that these health warnings be placed on McDonald’s packaging. "McDonald’s is committed to improving awareness of the importance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle," the company said. "We have widened menu choice, improved our nutritional information and encourage people to be as active as they can”. Yes, this is correct, but again, McDonalds have done what they do best and have piled sugar and salt into nearly all...

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