Super Sports Facility

Super Sports Facility

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All-Star Athletics Centre: Business Report

All Star Athletics Centre
All Star Athletics Centre is a comprehensive athletic training facility designed to meet the needs of competitive athletes generally aged 6 to 25 years. This indoor, 50 000 square foot facility combines a competition area, training area and sports retail shop in one convenient location. [I estimated this size as suitable for the main field, seating area, training area and retail store, based on facilities in the example websites below] The main gymnasium of the facility supports, but is not limited to, the following team sports: hockey, basketball, football, volleyball and baseball. The facility also includes individual sports halls, to be called the High Performance Centre, that are designed for specialized training for an even wider multitude of competitive sports, such as tennis, skating, martial arts, golf and more.

The gymnasium floor is constructed by a number of simulated, re-installable panel surfaces that follow proper regulations for each team sport indicated above. These panels are made of three types of Crystaplex boards: Sportcourt for hard surfaces, Turf for simulated grass surfaces and IceRink for simulated ice surfaces. With this new technology, the flooring can be transformed into the following:
• hockey rink
• soccer field
• basketball court
• football field
• volleyball/badminton courts
• baseball field

The High Performance Centre consists of four different halls adjacent to the main gymnasium. Each hall is a designated area for specialized training, meetings, fitness and conditioning. Hall One contains state-of-the-art cardiovascular equipment. Hall Two contains weights and strength training equipment. Hall Three is a smaller gymnasium with various types of simulated and padded flooring suitable for tennis, skating, martial arts, golf and other competitive sports for individuals. Hall Four is a conference room containing advanced, sports specific training...

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