Suportive Paper

Suportive Paper

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RUNNING HEAD: Construct and Support an Argument

Construct and Support an Argument
Clair Metcalf
October 15, 2008
Management 521
Dr. Barbra Stoops

Construct and Support an Argument
In 2004, I decide to return to college. This decision was made shortly after I had my first son. Because I came from the foster care system, I was determined to make a better life for myself and my son. After receiving my associates in appalled science degree I just keep on going and received my bachelors of science in accounting. I am now pursuing my master’s in business administration with an emphasis In Marketing. I decision to pursue my master’s in business administration is to get a well paying career, Continue working on taxes, hoping receiving my CPA license, and working for the IRS.
The argument for this paper consists on going back to school to archive a master’s degree. To me this is an easy argument. Anytime someone wants to further their education it is always a good thing. Pursuing his or her master’s in business administration is also known as exceptive education. Executive education is important because of the pressures of global competition and constant change (Nzgeowu and Jones, 2008). “Like no other time in history, rapid changes in technology and market dynamics require executrices to continuously learn and adapt their companies. Leader at all levels in all types of organizations must learn to quickly and continuously deal with the creative and destructive forces of economic and market transformation” (Nzgeowu and Jones, 2008).
What is an MBA? An MBA is a master in business administration is a master of business administration degree. This is usually granted, after one to two years of graduate level university study that provides training in the theory and practice of business management (Hansen).The master’s in business administration is a document that states that a person has general knowledge in all the major areas of management (Hansen)....

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