Supply Chain in Sa

Supply Chain in Sa

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1. Preface

The purpose of the assignment is to prepare a comprehensive analysis of any practising small firm based in the city of Pietermaritzburg. The analysis includes the following:
 The business the firm is currently engaged in.

 A description of the functional organisation of the firm.

 An analysis of the environment in which the firm is operating i.e. a standard PESTLE analysis, a Competitor analysis, a Production analysis and an analysis of the firm’s marketing environment.

 A standard SWOT analysis of the organisation.

 The assessment of the firm’s likely future based on overall analysis and make recommendations that the organization should make in response to the issues identified in its internal and external environments.

2. Acknowledgements
We would like to thank and acknowledge Mr. Kevin Blomeyer the managing director of Blomeyers electrical for sacrificing his company time by allowing us an interview with him, giving us as much information needed to complete our project. As we sat with him in our interview it was evident that, the three hours we spent with him cost him a great deal of money, there were several phone calls and staff walking in to ask him for direction or approvals for things needing to be done. None the less he still gave us all the attention we needed. His last words as we walked out of the office “remember to always thank God everyday for what he has done for you” we could not have had a better interview with anyone else. A very humble man of God!

3. Introduction

 Blomeyers is a family owned electrical appliances and electrical services firm based in the city of Pietermaritzburg. The firm was established in 1989 and over the years it has grown and become one of the largest in the city. The firm employs people from all races, both male and female in the opinion that everyone has equal right to succeed in life. The firm sells products like calculators, heaters, air conditioners to fridges...

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