Supply Ksa

Supply Ksa

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

1. Knowledge of applicable acquisition regulations and policies

Since working with Lear Siegler Logistics (LSLI), I have been responsible for completion of all documentation required by FAR and DFAR to support the action taken, in working with purchase orders. Always follow the full intent of all laws and regulations in seeking to select items from the highest priority source available. I make sure to request quotes or bids for those items which satisfy end user’s needs at lowest possible cost.

2. Knowledge of changing market conditions in order to obtain the requested item at the best available price.

I have been ordering different aircraft parts and if appropriate, I prepare the requests for quotation, insuring that required and other applicable FAR and DFAR clauses and conditions are incorporated therein. I also make sure that competition is obtained to maximum extent possible. Upon receipt of quotations from vendors, I prepare the purchase order which record such pertinent information as time of delivery, price, FOB point, and substitute items offered. I assure that competition is obtained to maximum extent possible.

3. Knowledge in analyzing completed quotations to include pricing, delivery charges, and time frames.

I enter all quotations and necessary information for a particular purchase order and serves as intermediary in resolving issues involving damage or late shipments of the asset. I evaluate vendors, manufacturers and analyzes offers received to ensure prices is reasonable and award is made to the responsible vendor/contractor whose offer will result in lowest cost, price and other factors considered. Also documents must be promptly and accurately prepared in order to ensure prompt delivery and proper identification when item is received and in order to prevent any delay in making payment to vendors

4. Ability to negotiate. I continually stay abreast of changing market conditions,...

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