Surface Computing Market Analysis 2016-2021 Development Trends

Surface Computing Market Analysis 2016-2021 Development Trends

Surface Computing is advancement in technology in which the user interaction is by touch or by any object rather than separate input devices. There are multiple cameras which sense the touch patterns or objects placed on the interfacing surface. The Surface Computing Market deals with demand and supply of the product, production and scope of implementing Natural User Interface (NUI) for interaction with the computer.

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The Surface computing has a more user friendly and advanced interface than GUI. Moreover it has capability of object recognition, interaction and data sharing from devices like phones, tablets without any peripheral use. These features are the accelerating forces of Surface Computing Market.

North America and Europe are the rapidly growing regions for the implementation of the Surface Computing Market. This market is largely dominated by developed countries from North America and Europe.

Asia Pacific is the largest region for the Surface Computing Market, which has the highest scope of applications in the region. The high population and urbanization is expected to give a forward push to this market during 2016-2020. Japan is expected to manufacture advanced system in the APAC region.

According to the IndustryARC market research report on the Surface Computing Market, It is segmented into various categories by interface, by components, by application and by region.
• By interface: direct interaction, multi touch, multi user experience, object recognition and others
• By components: screen, infrared light source, DLP projectors, memory, processor, storage device, infrared cameras and others
• By application: entertainment, banking, industrial, education, healthcare, retail, hotels and restaurants, commercial and others
• By region: North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and...

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