Surrogacy - Essay 3

Surrogacy - Essay 3

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“Surrogacy”definition means “help”: it’s when a woman gets pregnant on behalf of someone who is not fit enough to go through pregnancy and have a baby. This is usually because the infertile woman has been born without a uterus or has had a hysterectomy. A surrogacy arrangement involves the planned separation of the child from its birth mother soon after birth. The separation of a child from its mother is never the situation the parents wants to make.Their is the option of adoption but that situation is made mostly for the benefits for the child.Where surrogacy is the benifital option for the parents,It gives more desires for them then rather the child.

Surrogacy is illegal in several states. It is not illegal in NSW, but it's not a widely accepted around the state. Surrogacy has special important social, legal and mental health implications to apply with the medical and scientific considerations usual with this decision. It stirs much contrivercy throughout certain parts of the world because of media,social,legal and especially religious views.

A big case in England where the government is paying ridiculous amount of money to be a surrogate mother. Example 19 year old Georgia from bristol has been paid up to an amount of near 1,000,000 to be a special surrogate mother to a wealthy couple.

The Catholic Church opposes traditional and gestational surrogacy because it offends the dignity of the child, the unique bond of the mother-child relationship, and the meaning of marriage. It also treats women and children as commodities.Some theologians see embryo adoption also as a form of surrogacy.To their opionion the only true unique quality of a relationship of mother and child is when the child is conceived from the birth mother'fruit from the womb'.It makes the arrangement impure and therefore not the real experience of natural birth. The birth is supposed to be from the genetic,gestational and naturalization of the birth parents who have formed to produce the...

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